Many people find that, at some point in their life, they may need to talk to someone, during times like this we can turn to friends  or another person you trust, at other times you need someone else. At Clearview Counselling I offer a supportive, confidential and caring space to help you through your worries and problems and to find new ways of coping and to help you with making your own decisions.

There are many reasons people go to counselling; to resolve deep rooted problems from the past, help to overcome current challenges and/or worries about the future. Everyone is unique and we can work together to create a counselling journey that’s right for you, in total confidence. This a supportive, confidential safe space to facilitate your personal growth and change.

Counselling and psychotherapy is very beneficial to everyone. All sessions are client led and through building a supportive trusting environment we will work together to improve the quality, contentment and satisfaction of your life.

Appointments are generally given within a few days of initial contact. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment please contact me on the below.