Pet Bereavement Support group

Pet Bereavement Support Group

I am pleased to annouce the launch of our Pet Bereavement support group in conjunction with MaowCare.

This group will be up to 10 participants and will consist of people who are struggling to come through the loss of their beloved cat. The sessions, due to social distancing restrictions, will be online so all participants will need access to Zoom (links will be provided no more than 24 hours before the session). There will be 10 sessions, starting at 7pm until 8.30pm on Thursday evenings. If you are interested you will need to commit to the ten sessions. Please either click the image acorss, or HERE to register your interest and I will call to go through all of the details with you.

Each session will be anchored in person centered therapy, the aim of this group is to offer support to each other’s healing process, allow the space to share grief, loss, guilt and shame to help each other come to terms with your loss and move forward in life brining the love of your pet with you.